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Colleges are doomed. They ought to be doomed. For generations, we’ve enshrined a vision of higher education which drives millions of young people into crippling levels of debt for little gain. Instead of taking the extreme measure of bailing out America’s most privileged or making college free, the COVID-19 pandemic offers us the chance to build an alternative, fairer system. For the first time in generations, we have an opportunity to fundamentally reform our universities and colleges. We need to face the uncomfortable reality: Americans don’t really want or need pricey liberal arts educations. …

How Modern Life Has Annihilated the Distinction Between the Personal and Professional

I don’t own this image and this is a parody, Please don’t sue me.

I thought of the title for this piece before I knew what I wanted to say. The phrase popped into my head after I realized I search for people on LinkedIn before I check Facebook or Instagram. I’m not ashamed. After all, I haven’t updated my Facebook profile since I was in high school, and most everyone sets their Instagram to private. If you want up-to-date, accessible information about what someone looks like and what they do, LinkedIn is the safest bet. But that sparked a broader question: If Facebook and LinkedIn are interchangeable for me, what does that say…

How I learned to stop worrying about hard skills and love the liberal arts.

A couple of years ago, I made a questionable decision: I decided to get a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Tragically, tens of thousands of American students make this same choice every year, choosing a “professional” education over a liberal arts one. They’re making a false choice: American business schools are structurally incapable of producing technically savvy graduates, despite their best efforts to the contrary. It’s time for business schools to embrace the type of education universities are actually good at — the liberal arts.

Stop trying to make Biz-B-Qs a thing. They’re not going to be at thing.

It might seem strange that I dislike business schools’ “professional” focus. After all, I’ve…

Could Covid-19 spell the end of the modern urban way of life?

On some level, you’ve probably come to terms with the idea that the world we return to will not be the one we left. Many of us will Zoom to work. Many of us will wear masks every year. Seeing sick people in public will make us enormously uncomfortable. Standards of sanitation and hygiene will hopefully be far higher. These changes seem benign, or perhaps even useful. Hopefully, a disease of similar infectiousness and lethality to SARS-COV-2 will be far less disruptive in 2025.

But these improvements belie how markets are fundamentally changing society: As investors scramble toward resiliency and…

Arun Solanky

Political Science and Business at UW. Class of 2022. Writing into the void.

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